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  Infographic Directories (120+ Infographic Directories List)

  1. – A general humor image site that hosts funny content from around the web. Free to submit.
  2. – A general infographic aggregator that disallows gambling, forex, and overly promotional graphics.
  3. – A broad directory with virtually no submission requirements; just about anything goes.
  4. – A somewhat strict directory that prefers uniqueness over marketing.
  5. – A UK-based directory that allows up to two links with personalized anchor text.
  6. – A paid directory that charges $10 per submission with a 48-hour response time. Get same-day response for $35.
  7. – A simple graphic aggregator with no specific requirements or disallowed topics.
  8. – A directory that understands the SEO value of graphics and doesn’t charge you for submission.
  9. – A Tumblr account that curates high quality infographics. Use the “ask me anything” option to submit.
  10. – An unbranded aggregator that has very few guidelines and offers free submission.
  11. – Dustin Smith’s curated blog. Great if you can get on, but not real fixed source of submissions is available.
  12. – The blog of the president of InfoNewt and a participant in many data visualization summits.
  13. – An aggregator for home and domestic life infographics, ranging from travel to DIY.
  14. – An aggregator for UK-based culture and design, with an emphasis on décor.

  1. – Home of the Personalist, a feed of daily infographic submissions on a wide range of subjects.
  2. – A basic infographic aggregator that asks for an initial contact before submission, to hide the $350 fee.
  3. – A basic Tumblr infographic stream that shares short descriptions and links as well.
  4. – A simple but low-traffic infographic aggregator that also works to increase social exposure.
  5. – Another Tumblr run by a person who just happens to love data visualization. Wow them to get in.
  6. – A multilingual and globally present infographic feed that doesn’t shy away from foreign topics.
  7. – A Tumblr aggregator with a slick layout. They require a 100 word description with your infographic.
  8. – An older site, but it checks out. Asks for a $20 fee for submission.
  9. – An infographic creator service that also shares graphics produced with their service.
  10. – A specialized aggregator that leans heavily towards education and technology topics. Also accepts blog posts.
  11. – An aggregator of various science and science fiction infographics, among other topics.
  12. – A nicely designed gallery of infographics that range of many topics.
  13. – FastCompany prefers innovative topics and perspectives on unique events.
  14. – A general image hosting site with a huge userbase to browse your content.

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120+ Infographic Directories List

  1. – A content visualization service that shares your content but requires you to join. $39 annually.
  2. – A Tumblr infographic aggregator that emphasizes pop culture and interesting graphics over business topics.
  3. – A company in partnership with Progressive to dig deep into analyzing communications topics via infographic.
  4. – Another graphic design service that will host and promote graphics created with said service.
  5. – Contrary to the name, they aren’t limited entirely to health topics.
  6. – One of the few aggregators for complex interactive HTML5 infographics, hosting them via link.
  7. – A Tumblr account that aggregates infographics posted on HuffPo. Unclear whether it’s affiliated.
  8. – A personal Tumblr account of a user who very much loves data visualization, particularly interesting topics.
  9. – A Tumblr run by a team of people who like reviewing and aggregating charts, graphs, and infographics.
  10. – An image aggregator much like 9Gag and Pinterest. Requires a free account.
  11. – A high-profile web host that loves unique content, but requires an account to maintain control over that content.
  12. – A premium directory using CommentLuv, with no submission guidelines.
  13. – An infographic aggregator that covers “hipster” and millennial topics.
  14. – An infographic aggregator that hails from Canada, and thus has a unique perspective compared to most.

  1. – A UK-based aggregator that charges 20 pounds for submission, but offers guaranteed permanent links.
  2. – Warning, somewhat out of date, this site does allow two links in descriptions.
  3. – A low-traffic site with a $50 entry fee, though submission via social methods might be cheaper.
  4. – A stylish UK blog that heavily features infographics, but has an obtuse submission method.
  5. – An aggregator with an infographic creator built in if you want to use it. They also have a cool preview feature.
  6. – A submission site that also includes a third party review and social promotion, but costs $20.
  7. – Another Tumblr, this time not as active as the last few. Still valuable, if they respond.
  8. – Another infographic design team that promotes the graphics they create for you.
  9. – A directory managed by Brian Wallace, requiring an email to submit.
  10. – An alternate version of the above site.
  11. – An active site that serves graphics to mobile users. Asks for a $5 “donation” upon submission for commercial graphics.
  12. – An infographic aggregator that focuses on British audiences and topics.
  13. – A general aggregator that doesn’t shy away from some of the more risqué topics.
  14. – Free submission, but you can pay $25 for same-day posting.

  1. – One of the ten most expensive option on this list, they charge a shocking $75. Make sure it’s worth it before you buy.
  2. – $50 submission fee, but with a high quality link, seven days of homepage feature space, and social sharing.
  3. – One of the most expensive on the list for the same $75 fee, this one is possibly better than the other expensive option.
  4. – Part of a network of other sites, some of which no longer work. This one is still relatively active.
  5. – Free, but additional fees for priority review, a custom description, homepage pins, Pinterest support, and better links.
  6. – A British site with an extra charge for priority, and a 200 pound fee if you want three links and a custom post.
  7. – Free to submit, but a $20 fee gets you priority review. Must be unique and include a description.
  8. – Free submission, requires a 300-word post. If you don’t have a post, they will write one for $25.
  9. – A team of reviewers who rate your infographic and don’t shy away from slamming it if it’s bad.
  10. – Host of thousands of infographics, with incredibly basic free submission.
  11. – The infographic promotion wing of the larger Socialnama business model.
  12. – An active site, but it looks sad, with missing terms and a very basic theme.
  13. – One of the best places to submit, with over 2 million monthly viewers. Charges $20, with more for social promotion.
  14. – Another aggregation Tumblr account that links all graphics back to their source.

  1. – Only publishes infographics it has not published before, but submission is free and easy via Tumblr.
  2. – This one is a little out of date and the submission field is more a suggestion field, but it might work.
  3. – Free, basic submission. The site has a very basic set of terms and conditions as well.
  4. – $10 entry fee plus additional paid options, like a description and pinterest marketing.
  5. – If you use Deviantart, which I don’t necessarily recommend, you can submit graphics via this account.
  6. – Basic submission and a custom description, but a $5 fee for consideration.
  7. – Not a direct submission; rather, you can contact authors who write in the category.
  8. – More of a news site than an infographic hub, you can submit via a tip.
  9. – A picky site that publishes similar content to several others on this list.
  10. – The curated Tumblr for, it syndicates what they publish.
  11. – One of the few infographic sites still online that accepts content from the gambling niche.
  12. – An exclusive site that works well if you fit the niche. You get RSS and Twitter promotion as well.
  13. – The terms on this site suggest that they have exclusive rights to your graphic, so be cautious.
  14. – Basic submission process, tends to prefer SEO, marketing, and internet-related topics.

  1. – This site only opens submissions occasionally, so keep an eye out for them.
  2. – This site only accepts technology and science graphics, and submission is free.
  3. – Another general interest infographic host, with an email submission method.
  4. – This is a Tumblr generally for more humorous and pop culture relevant infographics.
  5. – Pinterest is arguably the best social network for graphical content available today.
  6. – This site specializes in pop culture graphics, and graphics that make great posters.
  7. – This is a large, multi-interest hub for infographics, and charges $40 for entry.
  8. – One of the more interesting sites, it very much has a voice you need to try to match.
  9. – You can submit to the infographic sub, or to any topic- relevant subreddit that you can find.
  10. – Free submissions but very limited to health, environmental and pet-related topics.
  11. – Outreach for more than just infographics, a mixture of free and paid services.
  12. – Another one of the edgier, grittier infographic aggregators.
  13. – A large directory of galleries, into which your infographic can fit.
  14. – An infographic directory that also has a graphic production service attached.

  1. – In a unique twist, this is a Tumblr that asks 10 pounds as submission fee.
  2. – A site with a stylish theme and a basic contact method, free submission.
  3. – A blog with a backlog, the owner recommends contacting him on Twitter first.
  4. – Pioneers in the “guestographics” model, which is identical to the rest of the list.
  5. – Free submission on a stylish page with a reasonable amount of traffic.
  6. – This site knows you care about metrics and lists their Mozrank, Alexa rank,and more. Free submission, requires registration.
  7. – Registration required, and you will need to create your own post and queue it for approval.
  8. – A niche site focusing on money, investing and similar topics.
  9. – Free submission, but also includes animated infographics, HTML5 graphics, and explainer videos.
  10. – Visual content creators and promoters, this is possibly one of the most high profile services on this list.
  11. – In a unique twist, this site doesn’t publish third party infographics, but will brand one of their graphics with your information.
  12. – A broad site with all sorts of visual content, from infographics and slidedecks and beyond.
  13. – Publishers of very beautiful infographics, make sure you’re up to par before submitting.
  14. – $10 to submit to this high profile UK-centric infographic hub.
  15. – Another Tumblr, publishing a wide range of graphics.